Sachets (2-pack)

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Made with 100% Organic Beef, our Protein Isolate contains all the essential amino acids required and needed to build lean muscle, improve the health of skin and joints.

Each serving of our Chocolate Brownie Beef Protein Isolate contains only 0.1g of sugar and less than 1.4g of fat which makes it ideal for weight management and sustainable muscle gains.

Each serving is high in protein averaging 26g of protein per 30g scoop so you know you are getting a great source of high protein with no added extra ingredients or fillers.



What makes Beef Protein Isolate so different?

Being long enough in the nutrition space we have realized that many people are unable to consume dairy products such as Whey Protein so they fallback to other sources such as Pea, Rice and Soy protein to fill their nutritional gap.

Why Beef Protein?

✔️Beef has close to a 90% protein level compared to others like Whey at around 80% and Pea proteins that hover at 60%.

✔️Beef Protein Isolate is naturally hypoallergenic and a user typically won’t experience the bloating or gas you do with whey proteins.

✔️Beef Protein Isolate contains high naturally occurring collagen and all the essential aminos needed to build muscle.

How to Use

At ApteCorp we have decided to provide to the market an alternative and have engineered a Beef Protein Isolate that is 100% organic & sourced from real food.

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